The farmer commanded a bid for 5 giant barns and a hen house

Friday afternoon, I method to drive out to the country to supply a buyer a bid for adding ventilation fans to all of the buildings on the property.

The farmer commanded a bid for more than four giant barns and a hen house.

The task on the property is going to be at least $10,000. I don’t have an exact bid for the customer, however the square footage is truly high and that will require industrial-sized ventilation fans. I’m sure the farmer knows the task will not be cheap, because he mentioned some brands to me and none of them are cheap. Most of the ventilation fans are made by companies that primarily deal with farm equipment. I don’t have any other task busy for Friday, so I can spend multiple eighths looking at all of the buildings. I’d like to detail a method so I can supply the farmer an bid a afternoon or 2 after I finish looking at the property. I have a lot of time coming up next month and I know that the farming task would be perfect to fill in the time. I have a couple of contractors that are fantastic with heights and working on ladders. If I can get a giant crew together, we can tackle the task in a couple of mornings. If I go there with a couple of guys, it might take us a month or 2. It depends on what the farmer wants and how much currency he is willing to spend in order to get the task done efficiently and quickly.

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