Both times I turned on the ductless AC, the power blew to the house

After the storm last week, I tried to turn on the ductless AC in the garage and the power blew. The power to the whole house went out when I turned on the ductless AC. I thought it was a fluke, so I turned on the power and tried it again. This time the breaker to the ductless AC went bad. I could not turn on the power again. I tried a couple of different solutions to service the problem, however eventually I gave up and contacted the repair service the next afternoon, and bobby came to the house to look at the ductless AC, he was one of the 2 guys that installed the equipment last summer. I don’t remember the name of the other guy, however I have seen Bobby more than once since the equipment was installed. The other guy might not even work for the company anymore. When Bobby arrived to look at the machine, he asked a couple of questions. I told the guy that the problems had been occurring since the storm. He used a multimeter to check the voltage of the equipment and all of the electrical components in the box. After a while, the service worker determined that the concern was entirely an issue at the street. He commanded that I contacted the electrical company. I had to wait an additional multiple mornings for the electric company to check on the concern at the street. It turns out that the repair worker was correct. I’m honestly thrilled that he didn’t charge me for an fancy repair that I did not need.

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