Should we be this dependent upon HVAC technicians?

Should we be this dependent upon HVAC technicians, or do you think that we should begin thinking about the long-term consequences of relying so heavily on HVAC technicians for all of our HVAC work? Personally, I am very thankful for my HVAC technician.

I have a furnace and a central air conditioner, and I will readily admit that I have absolutely no idea how to fix my furnace or my central air conditioner.

When my central air conditioner or my furnace stop working, the only choice that I actually have to do anything about the problem is to call an HVAC technician. However, even though I am very thankful for my HVAC technicians and for the work that he provides, I still think that this should be a warning to us. Right now, most of us are completely dependent on the HVAC technicians in our lives. For some who live in extremely cold climates, having an HVAC technician is a matter of survival, and that should scare us. What would we do if all the HVAC technicians in the world decided that they had had enough and didn’t want to be HVAC technicians anymore? We wouldn’t have any HVAC units in just a few years, save for the few people that actually know how to fix their own HVAC units. What would we do if the HVAC companies decided to double the prices of their HVAC repairs? Sure, you might think that you could simply refuse to hire HVAC technicians, but you could never do that. You wouldn’t be able to live without your HVAC units. Maybe we should all start learning a little more about HVAC units.

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