Loving our gym membership

Until a couple of years ago, I always handled our workouts at home. I liked the freedom to exercise whenever I had some free time. I enjoyed the privacy of our home gym. I invested into a variety of equipment, including a treadmill, set of free weights, yoga mat, jump rope and a medicine ball and felt fantastic about our efforts. When the supplier I toil for offered a free gym membership as area of a corporate wellness program, I decided to give it a try. I figured I’d stop by the gym once or twice a week. After spending an hour at the gym, I totally changed our opinion. I was amazed and enthusiastic by the wide array of equipment. WIth a gym membership, I have our option of a dozen unusual treadmills. There’s a selection of ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines and stair climbers. I can climb an indoor rock wall, hit a speed bin or run on the indoor track. The weight training equipment targets the many muscle groups and gets greater benefits from our efforts. Being around other people is a good motivator for me. I stop at the gym on our way to or from toil and spend at least an hour. I am not distracted by the need to do laundry, scrub dishes or help the youngsters with their homework. I am totally focused on the workout. I absolutely prefer it. I also have the opportunity to sign up for group classes such as yoga, spin or pilates. I workout at the gym numerous mornings per month and I’ve noticed an improvement in our muscle tone, weight, strength and stamina.

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