I let my son borrow the window a/c

I have a spare a single that I could loan him

My son has been having some bad luck recently… First his lady broke up with him, and now he ishaving trouble with his air conditioning. I asked him what was wrong with his A/C machine and he told me he did not suppose because he hadn’t had a heating and an A/C specialist came out to examine the air conditioning. I will stand down with a few heating and a/c companies nearby and tell him that he could have an appointment with a single of them, but he told me that he wouldn’t check it out, and when he called me a few days later he told me the worst of news. His air conditioning was on its way out! According to the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman who came and visited his house he says that it would need multiple parts replaced in order to be able to function respectfully. He was hoping that there wasn’t a problem with his A/C at all and that it was just a control machine but unluckyly for him the heating and cooling serviceman confirmed that the problem was his A/C and not his control unit. He told me what his plan was and that he was just going to go out and buy a window air conditioning until he can afford to get it repaired. I told him that there was no reason for him to have to go out and buy a window air conditioning. I have a spare a single that I could loan him. He was elated when I told him this and I told him I’d be over in a couple minutes to drop it off at his house. He was thrilled and I pulled up in his driveway and brought over the A/C from the window. I stepped into his home and it felt care about an oven in there! He thanked me, but hey what are dads for?

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