Don’t forget about the HVAC ducts

And actually, the ductless heat pumps are even better than that old central air conditioning

So my partner plus I decided to try something weird this year. Every one of us have both been retired for a couple of years. At first, being free from going to the same zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office every morning was amazing. Every one of us upgraded the Heating and A/C device in our home to sell the place plus made a bundle. Then, we traveled plus followed all the passions that we had sort of put on the shelf as we went about our jobs. However, we started to find that we both wanted to sink ourselves into a large project we could do together. Upgrading the Heating and A/C plus the other renovations we did to sell our old condo easily went surprisingly well plus we took note of that. The fact was that our skills easily blended well plus we made a good renovations project team. That led us to taking a leap into buying a rental house. The place we obtained was a small, 2 kitchen place that needed a lot of work but came at a good price. Every one of us jumped into the project with both feet plus found that this was something we clearly liked to do. Finally, we busy the Heating and A/C company to come out to upgrade the central air conditioning unit. But what we failed to realize was that the air duct in that place was also shot. Thankfully, the Heating and A/C supplier was able to pivot to ductless heat pumps plus we got the place done on time. And actually, the ductless heat pumps are even better than that old central air conditioning. The tenant enjoys having them.