Quick thinking by my HVAC guy saved my bacon

It’s not that I can’t stand my mother in law, it’s just that she is tough, tough to deal with and she really doesn’t like me too much. From the moment I met her inside the quality heating and air of her big home, I was sort of deemed unworthy. That stung but that designation stuck but simply got worse once my wife said yes to my proposal. Still, it is what it is and she’s family. I’m thrilled that her daughter is my partner in this life and we are enjoying it. We’re lucky to have a nice home with great air conditioning equipment. That’s something you just have to have around here. While the fall, winter and spring can be spectacular, the heat of summer is a killer. So you’re heat pump better be right. That’s why we invested in the best residential HVAC with the most HVAC technology we could afford. When my mother in law moved closer to us, she didn’t heed our advice on the heat pump. She decided to inherit the one that was there and it promptly took the dirt nap right in the middle of summer. But my quick thinking HVAC professional, whom I’ve known for years, brought in 3 portable air conditioning units. That woman was already packing to move into my house for a month while she waited for the new HVAC unit. Man, I tell you, I’m so thankful my HVAC buddy had my back. He didn’t even charge her for the use of those portable air conditioners. I bought him a case of the beer I know is his favorite for that beautiful move.

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