Choosing an cooling system for a yoga studio

I own a yoga studio as well as have been in this company for various years.

New studio owners tend to reach out to me with company questions because I appreciate to offer help in this industry! I’m even thinking about creating a yoga studio owner guide to sell on our website.

I recently helped a modern studio owner with the decision of the modern cooling system for their space. The rental space they have came with window cooling systems. This simply isn’t a fantastic option for a yoga studio because window cooling systems can’t reduce humidity, as well as they are quite loud. They also aren’t fantastic because they can’t circulate air too well. I’ve found central cooling system to be a fantastic option for yoga studios so that the cooling system can be felt in the entire studio no matter where you are. I also appreciate the fact that central cooling system has air filtration as well as dehumidifying elements, but depending on the setup of the studio, it may even be a fantastic idea to install a ductless mini split to give additional cooling system in private rooms or spaces that don’t gain air from the vents as well. Ductless mini splits are usually more aesthetically pleasing as well as much quieter than window cooling systems. The studio owner that I helped ended up just needing the central cooling system for their space. I can’t wait to see how it works once it’s all set up! I appreciate to see how studios come together one the creativity begins to grow. It’s certainly fantastic to create a sacred space for yoga, meditation, as well as self care.

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