Honey is good, but the bees are a nuisance when not in a hive.

My family loves honey. We cook with honey instead of using processed sugar. My kids won’t eat peanut butter unless I have mixed it with honey. We mix butter with honey for their toast. I go to the honey farmer about once a month to stock up on the honey. The only bad thing about the honey is how much of a nuisance the honey bees are when they aren’t in a hive. We assumed the honeybees had a second queen born that left the hive they were in. Instead of finding a home in a vacant hive in the honey farmer’s field, they took up residence in our house. It wasn’t until the honeybees were coming out from under the house’s siding that we even realized the bees were there. We saw a sticky substance flowing down the side of the house, and I thought it looked like honey. My husband thought that was impossible, but it wasn’t. He went over to dab at the substance, and he told me I was right. We had honey flowing down our home siding. I called the honey farmer and told him I had a honeybee nest in my walls. He called a live bee extermination specialist and came to the house with him. Over the summer, we had over 5,000 bees take up residence in the wall outside the kitchen. They had to remove the siding and gently cut out the honeycomb and remove the bees. Once they found the queen, the other bees reluctantly followed her into the hive,.but there was still a lot of cleanup to be done. Ants were swiftly moving in to eat the honey that was still on the inside of the walls.


Bee Removal