The heat pump is simply impressive

To think that modern HVAC started at the turn of the 20th century is pretty amazing.

But it took until the 1950’s to get that sort of HVAC technology into homes.

Still, being able to move heat energy from one place to another changed our lives and the economy of the world. The heat pump was really the tipping point for such a large amount of change around the world. The ability to keep things that would otherwise rot in the heat changed the way we do business in this country and around the globe. Yet, the heat pump also had an enormous impact on the quality of life in our homes. It took some time to get the heat pump into our homes. But there has been residential HVAC using a heat pump now for more than 70 years. The introduction of the heat pump really changed the way the population map was drawn up in this country. There were places that were deemed far too hot that are now populated thanks to HVAC cooling. This was a game changer. We still have the heat pump to thank for the comfort when we walk into our house in the dead of summer. In our region, this is of utmost importance as it’s hot and humid here. I know that I appreciate just how elegant and simple the heat pump makes the cooling process. I’m glad I took the time to talk to an HVAC technician when he came out to do the HVAC maintenance. I had no idea just how incredible HVAC technology really is when it comes to the heat pump until I got the full story from an HVAC professional.


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