If You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit try Studying a Trade

Have you consistently been a lady or are you now a young lady who thinks it is a great system to be your own boss? I am in my late fifties and thinking about retirement nowadays, and looking back on my life I do realize that I would have been better off picking up a trade.

That is because I have an entrepreneurial spirit.

I have done a side hustle, freelance writing, for at least twenty years now, and that is okay but it is not the same as being an entrepreneur. So if you have a child who wants to be their own boss, I highly request that you teach them to try reading a trade book. For example, if your kid learns how to be a cosmetologist, she can open her own beauty shop. If your kid learned how to be a heating, ventilation, and A/C servicewoman, one day she can also open her own heating and cooling dealership. Of course, she would have to go to school after high school, however most heating, ventilation, and A/C programs are less than three years long. In fact, the tech school near me has a heating, ventilation, and A/C program that is only 18 months long. That’s just a year and six months to learn how to be a heating and cooling serviceman. There are multiple certifications for odd things in the heating, ventilation, and A/C industry, and people in the industry can learn more credentials as they go along. Also, heating and cooling companies are consistently looking for good, skilled workers. After working for other people for a decade or so, it is most likely that your kid could and would decide to open their own heating and cooling business. Then they could be their own boss! The only people that would tell her what to do would be the clients, because she would consistently want to be serving them the best way she could.



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