The vehicle salesman gave me a discount

Last month the vehicle salesman gave me a really wonderful discount on a new car.

I was very surprised when he said the price break that he could deliver me, however it ended up being because he remembered me from all of the times that I had tested his heating & cooling system in his house… Over the years, I’ve tested dozens & dozens of people’s home systems throughout this area.

I also do jobs in companies around here too. It’s interesting when you get to know a lot of people over the years the way that I have. You end up seeing them in odd places around the town & occasionally it can entirely benefit you, then at least, that is the way that it has been for me. Since I do jobs on heating & cooling systems, people seem to trust me. Maybe that’s because I’ve been in their homes & their companies & they just recognize me as an upstanding businessman & service pro. Whatever the reason, it occasionally ends up being in my favor because whenever I’m purchasing something or even go out to dinner, I end up being at the fantastic end of things! People around here are quite friendly… For example, when I went to dinner Last month the waiter gave me free desserts because I fixed his air conditioner the week before. Last week, the vehicle salesman gave me an extra grand off on my new vehicle & I think it’s because I helped him fix his gas furnace last winter! Being a Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional has its advantages.
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