Had enough of Ed when it came to my Air Conditioning

Ed could not be more wrong.

I really have constantly tried to be the nice kind of neighbor. And that’s because I have constantly appreciated nice neighbors. In fact, I like to be the kind of townie that others can depend upon. I am always more than enthusiastic to lend a hand, but yet, there is one acquaintance named Ed who lives a couple houses down that is the epitome of a bad neighbor! Ed’s a sort of dude that makes me quicken my step so I can get inside the A/C of my home. I just want to get from my A/C in the auto to the front door without that guy catching me. Eds the sort that just goes on and on about one grievance after another. The other morning, Ed caught me outside as I was talking to the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman. This guy comes by to do Heating and Air Conditioning heating maintenance on the heat pump. Ed and I get the same Heating and Air Conditioning service tech both in the fall for the heating maintenance and the A/C tune up in the Spring. It’s part of the Heating and Air Conditioning repair service that we take advantage of. I think Ede saw me talking to the Heating and Air Conditioning service tech and wanted to make a point of calling out Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance, then of course, Ed is the kind of guy that believes Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance is a scam. Ed could not be more wrong. This time, I didn’t make for the front door however sort of told Ed that he needs to mind his business. This stopped Ed in his tracks. Hopefully that’ll be the end of Ed being in my yard.

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