My Grandfather works in the cold

My Grandfather cares about to work on cars in his garage! You can find him there day in in addition to day out since his retirement! He in addition to his friends like to help each other out or work on a automobile they call a “hot rod.” I suppose that is what they called cars that were considered cool back in the day.

He also buys cars from the junkyard in addition to restores them.

They all do a good job working on it but all they have is free time, gramps makes good cash from it as well in addition to you can see some of his work at the local automobile shows. He is in comfort out there all day in his air conditioned garage. His garage can be pretty tepid with multiple men in addition to some of the tools he uses. He just installed that this past summer time but you can still see the sweat in addition to smell the stench from them after a long day hanging out in there. He said on the next automobile they sell he is going to call the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company to send out a cooling specialist to install central air conditioner in there, but i would like to join them but every time I tried I would just be in the way, then regardless even after he has the central air conditioner installed they will most likely still stink. I cannot imagine that scent going away because they are cooler now, however after all, they are getting grease in addition to dirt all over themselves while working on these cars, maybe someday if I acquire the courage again I shall join them in the garage.