Can’t help but be thankful for the gas furnace

It’s been a trying winter for me and perhaps a tipping point when it comes to making a decision on where we’re going to be living. Since we upgraded the HVAC equipment and put a new roof on the old home place, there was a lot of added value. And we were very pleased to cash in on our main investment. My husband and I have always hoped that our house would be what put us over the top when it came to retiring. Indeed, the proceeds from our home far exceeded our expectations. With that, we were able to walk away from the commercial HVAC of our offices much more confidently. Yet, we were stuck with what to do when it came to retirement living. So we rented a small house with a new gas furnace in it. I’m so thankful for that gas furnace as I’ve had to spend the entire winter trying to recover from an injury. The very first and sort of early snow of the year did me in, I fell and broke several bones along with my hip. That led to a hip replacement and spending the winter rehabbing. But thankfully, I’ve been really warm inside this rental home thanks to the residential HVAC that was new when we moved in. For sure, it’s been so nice to enjoy the cozy house with all the heating I need. I’m also thankful that the heating costs are a fraction of what I once paid for that big house. I think this being a snow related injury may be all we need to move south to all that air conditioning instead of all this heating.


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