I would have liked to have gotten ductless air conditioning

I guess it is a scam to be honest

I was initially interested in going completely ductless for my heating plus a/c, but when I found out the cost of what everything would be I found that you have to be rich in order to even afford it! First off, you would have to invest in many ductless mini split a/cs if you have a big home like I have, and right there you are talking almost 6 figures! Then on top of all of that, you will have to have each and every one of those converted to a ductless mini split heating and a/c plan since they have not for whatever reason made ductless mini split heating plus a/cs. I guess it is a scam to be honest. I mean, if it is possible to call your local heating plus a/c supplier to send out a certified heat plus a/c specialist to convert a ductless mini split a/c plan to a ductless heating plus a/c, why can’t they just make them an all in one in the factory and save the consumer tons of money? I think they would make better sales and much more money rather than restricting such a thing to the rich only. It is the same concept as whole home air cleaners in terms of cost, so forget ductless heating plus a/c if you are not a millionaire or super well off. I know I have! I will just have to stick with my basic central heating plus a/c plan unit for the time being.

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