Summer in the sunroom thanks to ductless heater

Normally, this is the part of the year that I spend soaking up every moment I can inside the sunroom.

My pal and I are just weeks away from the start of the Summer heat season plus that swings my life a bit; Living down south is just where I want to be plus much of that is due to the weather.

But it also comes with a whole lot of air conditioner during the Summer months. I have an inflammatory condition that doesn’t allow me to transport the way I once did. I’m thankful to be able to manage it with meds plus a nice diet. But I just can’t get outside any afternoon that I want any longer. That’s why I’m so fond of having this sunroom. When it became clear that I’d have nice nights plus exhausting nights that would limit what I like to do outside, my wife had the sunroom put on. It actually did help me transition to a life where I don’t get out as much as I once did! On the taxing nights, I love resting in the sunroom because it almost feels like I’m outside. But once the Summer gets here, I would have to transport back into the central air conditioner. The sunroom just got too hot to love being out there from July through November. Then, my great wife had the HVAC professionals come out here to install a ductless heat pump inside the sunroom. The ductless heat pump is amazing. I can’t feel that something so small is producing the sort of cooling comfort that I get. This Summer, I can keep staying outside thanks to nice air conditioner inside my sunroom.

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