I wanted my window AC unit back.

Right before my ex-husband left, he had central air conditioning installed in the house.

  • I wasn’t sure why he had a new HVAC system installed if he wasn’t going to be living here, but I thanked him.

We hadn’t gotten along in years, and I wished him luck when he said he had found someone else and was leaving. We had already talked about divorce, and we were still friends. I loved the furnace, and it kept me warm and cozy all winter long, but when summer arrived last year, I hated it. The air conditioning unit worked too much, and it never cooled the house properly. I was used to window air conditioning units, and I wanted them back. I went to the basement to see if they were down there. I was planning on turning the central air conditioning off and putting the window air conditioning units back in. When I didn’t find them in the basement, I looked in the attic, but to no avail. My last resort was to go into the garage. I hadn’t been in the garage for years, because it was always so miserable in there. Had I known my ex had cleaned it out before leaving, I may have gone in there first. Not only was it cleaned out, but he had the window air conditioning units on a shelf. I called a friend of mine and asked if he could help me out. Two hours later, we had the window air conditioning units installed, the central air conditioning was disconnected, and we were drinking wine.

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