HVAC service plan was a no brainer

I almost missed out on one of the better deals a homeowner around here can get.

But I tend to immediately tune out people who are trying to get me to spend money on something else.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been standing in line inside the commercial HVAC of some business with somebody trying to upsell me. It’s near constant really. And it’s not like I can blast the person doing it because they’re doing as instructed. So I guess I just developed a sort of default tune out as soon as a salesperson starts talking upsell. That’s just what happened a few months ago when I called our local HVAC company. When I actually remember, I call in the Spring to get the air conditioning tune up done on the heat pump prior to Summer. It gets wicked hot and humid around here so going into the Summer with a maintained heat pump is optimal. After I made the appointment for the HVAC maintenance, the lady on the other end asked me if I’d heard about the HVAC service plan. Of course, I tried to move on and get off the phone, it’s a good thing that I listened instead. It was clear that this lady wasn’t trying to sell me something as much as she was trying to help me out. She explained that as part of the HVAC service plan, I don’t have to remember to call for HVAC maintenance. On top of that, if I encountered any sort of heating and cooling repair while a part of the HVAC service plan, all I had to pay for was parts. I mean, this was a no brainer for sure. I actually signed up for the HVAC service plan on the spot.

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