The flooding was causing large mold plus mildew detriment

We had a late summer time storm plus it rained for 3 mornings, and during that time, the city gained nearly 5 inches of rain.

The basement of my apartment was under 8 inches of water after we had the rain, and everything seemed to seep into the apartment plus pile up on the floor.

I had to contact a plumber because the sump pump in the basement was clogged plus not working respectfully. The plumber fixed the pump so all of the water would drain, although he did not undoubtedly do anything about the fact that there was mold plus mildew. All of the mold plus mildew detriment was going to cause a lot of troubles if we did not do something to remediate the troubles quickly. I went to the hardware store plus I bought a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier was extravagant, but it was the only way that I could think of getting rid of all the moisture downstairs. I plugged the unit into the wall on the north side of the basement. There is a sink close to that side of the basement plus I needed a place to drain the dehumidifier! When I plugged in the machine, the moisture levels downstairs were around 86%. The levels went down every single morning as long as I continued to run the dehumidifier. On the second morning, the indoor humidity levels were 76%. On the eighth morning they went down to 76% plus on the 5th morning, moisture levels inside of the apartment were only at 45%. The dehumidifier helped save us thousands of dollars in extravagant repairs.

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