The heating and AC unit can’t ask you to phone the experts

It’s sort of odd that we pay less attention to the items that don’t call for our immediate attention.

It’s along the lines of the squeaky wheel gets the grease theory.

And it’s accurate, you can’t get what you want without asking for it. But your Heating and A/C component can’t ask you to call the Heating and A/C experts for a tune up. Tom’s car actually tells him, and loudly he might add, that it’s due for preventive service. But with the heating and cooling equipment, it just keeps performing and putting out quality heating and air. That is, until it stops working. And then, it’s an issue. Tom sees it all the time in his town. Invariably, he’ll see a neighbor outside with the Heating and A/C component or waiting for the Heating and A/C experts. There has been a heating and cooling breakdown and discomfort begins to set in. Each time Tom asks the question about whether the silent heat pump had been getting respected Heating and A/C service, the answer is almost always no. Well, if his Heating and A/C component quits on him, it won’t be for lack of Heating and A/C service. Plus, if that were to take place, all Tom would have to do is pay for the parts as the Heating and A/C company would option up the Heating plus A/C service charge. That’s part of being in the Heating and A/C service plan. But even when he wasn’t in the Heating and A/C service plan, Tom always got heating service in the Fall and followed that with an AC tune up in the Springtime. He is in the 21st year of getting quality heating and cooling from his Heating and A/C equipment. And Tom has never suffered a single instance of any kind of fault when it came to enjoying quality heating and air.



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