Cal often forgot to turn our a/c down.

Ever since I can remember, my stepdad Cal has been a landscaper, regardless of the season, Cal would be outside toiling.

Cal spent the summer time tending to shrubbery, or creating yard art out of hedges and giant shrubbery.

I enjoyed going with Cal to see the appealing statues he would create with nothing however hedge trimmers and clippers. Cal was an artist. When my associate and I got home, he would go into the garage. I thought Cal was cleaning his component or sharpening them, however mom said he was escaping the air conditioner, and because Cal worked outside all summer time long, the air conditioner was too chilly for him. Cal had heat in the truck when he was plowing snow in the winter, and he would freeze if Cal and I didn’t have a furnace. The warmer the better with the furnace. I never thought about how it could affect me if I had to toil outside full time… Now that I am older and have a home, I often call Cal. Mom passed away, and I know Cal often forgets to turn on the a/c. He is no longer toiling full-time, although he still putzes around in his garden. When they put out a heat alert, I call to make sure Cal isn’t out in the sun, and hopefully he has the air conditioner on. Cal likes to tell me he has the fans running, although he still doesn’t feel he needs the a/c. I hope my stepdad has the ability to continue toiling outside for a long time. If Cal ever needs to stay inside and use an air conditioner to be comfortable, I feel he’ll just give up.

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