Water was coming from the furnace.

I went into the basement last month, and I could not understand why there was water pouring from the furnace.

I was afraid the water would ruin my floors, it was coming out that suddenly.

I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning experts and told them water was coming from my furnace, and I needed their help right away. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist said water shouldn’t come from the furnace, unless it was a boiler. He asked how my heating was distributed? I didn’t know. I just knew I heard the furnace running, and then I had heating. I paid for oil when I needed it for the furnace. If there wasn’t oil or electricity, I didn’t have heating. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist told me he would be there right away, although I should turn off the water. He had to walk me through turning the water off. I shut off the water valve, although he had me turn off the main valve as well, which meant I had no running water in my house, and I wasn’t thrilled. I hoped the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist would arrive soon. When he arrived, he told me to call a plumber. The boiler was in fantastic condition, however the water pipes needed replacing. I asked him what a boiler was, and why I didn’t have a working furnace. He told me a boiler heated water, and the water flowed through pipes and the heat from those pipes sent heat into the house. I called my brother who was a plumber and said that I needed new water pipes for the boiler system. I didn’t understand anything he was saying about the new boiler, although I understood needing a plumber.



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