We could not afford the new model of Air Conditioning system.

We knew there wasn’t anything wrong with our Heating plus Air Conditioning system, however Max and I were considering what would happen if the furnace or air conditioner unit broke.

Max and I knew they were just machines, and although theoretically they should last for fifteen to 20 years, my associate and I didn’t want to wait for the fifteen year time frame to occur.

Max and I were already looking around for new Heating plus Air Conditioning systems for our house, hoping to have most of the cash in the bank before that time arrived. Max and I wrote down the model of our A/C unit and furnace Max and I used, and started looking them up. They no longer had that make or model, however there were some similar Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. They were more extravagant than Max and I had paid for ours, and that was to be expected, then prices had risen seriously in the last ten years. I did the math and came up with an annual price hike percentage per year. Over the last five years, the Heating plus Air Conditioning system would be so extravagant Max and I could not afford a new one. My buddy and I knew how much Max and I had to put in the bank every year, however Max and I also knew it wasn’t going to happen. It was more cash than Max and I put back for taxes, getaway, and emergencies. My fiance looked at me and told me Max and I would need to take out a HELOC if my associate and I had to buy a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I shrugged and told him Max and I would do what my associate and I had to do. I would consistently toil a little more which could give us another $1000 a month. Max smiled and told me he was ecstatic the new Heating plus Air Conditioning system was hopefully another five or 10 years away.



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