The corporate world is cooling down for me

I was talking about how I left my corporate job back in November of 1999 as well as how happy I am for doing it.

I was working as a mechanical engineer building medical device for a immense supplier as well as I was exhausted of working in such an environment.

You had a keycard to get into the locked building with no windows as well as it bordered the feeling of a prison when I was inside. You couldn’t see out at all as well as when you finally left for the day it wasn’t daytime anymore. I’d get home at 7pm to my air conditioned lonely home as well as would crash next to my a/c system from exhaustion after a long day in the office. I did that for seven years as well as finally told myself no more as well as left it behind me forever. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning corp was paying me like $60K a year back then, which is pretty good money in this week’s world, however all of the heating as well as cooling system work in the world didn’t interest me anymore as well as I had to get out of it. That was almost 24 years ago as well as I am so happy I got out of it when I still could because a lot of my friends are still stuck in their office jobs. The only thing I liked was designing ductwork for the giant commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning device that my buddy and I built, however most of the time I was in meetings or writing reports for the immense boss. My life is a lot unusual now being a musician as well as a part time writer overseas, wow.

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