Another freezing as well as some air purification

It isn’t a fun feeling when you wake up with a sore throat as well as sinus infection after only a month of just getting over a poor one.

But that is what I am facing now as well as I suppose it easily came on because I was eating too much sugar… I was doing a zero sugar diet, as well as I mean no sugar at all, except for fruit as well as naturally occurring sugars in whole foods.

I broke down last Thursday night as well as got a chocolate ice cream cone from the store. It was entirely good however now my body’s heating up with a fever as well as I am kneeling next to my whole home air cleaner trying to breathe in fresh air. Today I don’t have too much on the plate with this freezing as well as I plan on taking it straight-forward most of the day. I will do my heating as well as cooling system work online for a few hours as well as then take a much needed nap in air conditioned luxury in my dining room in the back. I canceled my dentist appointment as well as yoga class this week as well as I will resume the class when I’m feeling better. I teach at this local business although I don’t want to spread my freezing to the students or to all the Heating as well as Air Conditioning techs who work with me at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier. I will try to stay in my office most of the day as well as keep away from other people till I am feeling better. My HEPA filter is keeping the indoor air quality good for my flatmate so I don’t get her sick too.

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