I can’t think that stores are already acting like the weather is cooling down

I cannot think that the stores around here are already acting like the weather is cooling down! It’s only the first week of June and the temperatures are still rising, not cooling off! I think that the retail stores around here are super weird. I don’t understand why they sell things that are completely out of season, however that’s what they always do for some reason. I undoubtedly wish that stores around here would stick to the time of year that my buddy and I are entirely in, however that’s never how they end up doing things. It always makes me mad. I don’t know why that’s the way things are, however anywhere along the way someone decided that that’s the way things are supposed to be. I personally wish that there were another way, though. I appreciate the fact that it’s summer time right now and I am totally good with having high temperatures for the next three months. I feel like I should just embrace it, honestly. I don’t want to jump all the way to fall already. I would cherish to keep using the a/c for the next few months and feel like it’s entirely summer time instead of dealing with Fall decorations and pumpkin spice pop already at this point. I think that it is just dumb to do that. I guess it’s just the way that retail stores do it in order to stay ahead of the game, though. I refuse to participate, though. I refuse to embrace the fall until the weather entirely starts cooling down outside for real.


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