Leaving the heating and cooling corp behind

Staying calm and relaxing is very important for living a good life.

When you get all riled up about a small thing it really doesn’t help you with it and just makes you more upset. So after waking up sick yesterday I am going to work on staying calm and weathering this storm and it will pass just like all the other storms in my life. I am lucky I don’t have some high powered corporate job with meetings and reports all day like I used to have. I couldn’t imagine going to a meeting at 8am with heating and cooling techs and bosses for a couple of hours at the HVAC company I used to work at. I would have to prepare a report that I wasn’t interested in at all and give a speech to my boss and his two bosses, talk about stress. The heating and cooling corp where I worked ran 24 hours a day and sometimes I’d have to go there in the middle of the night because of some HVAC system problem. They would have me work on Saturdays for most of the day, without extra pay, and I would be left with just Sundays free. I left that HVAC technology job many years ago and now work at a relaxed pace in my home at just a fraction of what I worked when I was a heating rep for that company. I remember sleeping on my lunch breaks because I was so tired, but now that is in the past and I’m glad I made the change and left the HVAC corporation for good.

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