In the middle of the week, I have no currency

I had to update our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit Last month plus now I am totally broke.

  • I did not have $6500 to spend on the new machine, so I had to get a loan from the finance lender down the street.

The place is great for people with less than perfect credit, but they charge a immense interest rate. My payments each month are $215 plus right now our biweekly income is only more than one thoUnited Statesnd dollars each week. My husband was working until recently. She was the guy earning the most currency as a nurse. When he got into the accident, he tweaked his back plus neck. Most days, he can barely rest still plus kneel down. She is in constant pain. When the problems with the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit occurred, I knew we were going to be in trouble financially. The bank wouldn’t provide us a loan, because our husband can’t work anymore. Every one of us were in quite a pickle plus had to take the deal from the company down the street with crazy high interest rates. Now all I can do in the middle of the month is hope plus pray that we have enough currency to get through. I get paid on the fifteenth plus that day is when the payment for the Heating plus Air Conditioning is due. I can’t be late or the fees are outrageous. If the car breaks down or something else in the beach house needs to be repaired, we are totally doomed.. It’s hard to pay for milk, bread, plus laundry soap. I can’t add car repairs to that list. I honestly don’t know what we will do if things don’t improve soon.



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