Author: Liz

I no longer use my space heater

I used to use my space heater every single day 24/7. It was like my best friend. I love being nice and warm wherever I went, so I took my space heater all throughout the house with me. It is quite chilly for most of the year where I am living, so having a space […]

It is nice to finally have heat in my car

I went an entire month this winter without any heat in my car. It was quite a miserable month, to say the least. I have an hour drive to work and back each day. It was so cold, and I dreaded having to drive anywhere, especially to work. My husband tried to figure out why […]

I wish our cabin had air conditioning

My husband and I absolutely love to go on getaways a few times a year. We have found that it does wonders not only for our personal lives but for our marriage as well. It is so nice to be able to relax and not have to worry about work or the general stress of […]

I am sick of using my dehumidifiers

I have the most humid house on earth it seems like. I have no idea why my house gets so humid, but it does almost the entire summer, fall, and spring. Winter is the only time of year that I don’t have to worry about my house being super humid. I have a central air […]

My husband bought another space heater

I love my husband so much, and we have gotten along super well throughout our fifteen years of marriage. We try our best to put each other’s needs and wants before our own, and it works out wonderfully when we do. We have found that the only times that we really fight are when one […]

I think I might need a new furnace

Everyone has rough days, weeks, or even months. I am going through one of those rough months. It just seems like so many things have gone wrong this month. My car broke down, I lost the keys to my house, and now, I think that I might need a new furnace. Thankfully, I was able […]

Our air conditioner broke

My poor kids have learned the hard way to listen to me. My husband and I both have told our children several times not to rough house in the living room area, but every once in awhile they do. Usually, I just remind them of the rules, and they find somewhere else to play, but […]