Author: Liz

New air conditioner at the office

My company recently purchased a new HVAC system for the entire office building. We were having some issues with our previous HVAC system. Most of the time, the air conditioner did not work correctly in the office. A lot of our clients complained and left due to the uncomfortable temperature in our building. The building […]

Smart thermostat and traveling

I do a lot of traveling with my friend and family. We are always going somewhere. Sometimes we go away for a weekend and other times we are gone for a week at a time. Last year for Christmas, my sister got us the perfect gift for a traveler. Our new smart thermostat has saved […]

Traveling with a Smart Thermostat

One of my favorite inventions of this time is the smart thermostat. Not only am I able to control my thermostat from many miles away, but I can also adjust the thermostat from the comfort of my own bedroom. I have a hard time getting out of bed during the winter months. There is something […]

Parking lot full of trucks

This week, there has been a lot going on in the parking lot of my office. The property manager is replacing a few air conditioning units in the building and has had several maintenance trucks taking up a lot of space in our parking lot. Many of our patients have complained about the air conditioning […]

New a/c at the office

My supplier recently obtained a new Heating plus A/C system for the entire office building. My friend and I were having some problems with our previous Heating plus A/C system. Most of the time, the a/c did not work properly in the office, a lot of our customers complained as well as left due to […]

My New Smart Thermostat Is The Best

There are certain things I never thought I’d get excited for. For example, I was thrilled about the new dishwasher that was installed last month. My old dishwasher never cleaned properly, forcing me to wash all of my dishes by hand. I also got excited for the new smart thermostat I had installed by an […]

My AC Wasn’t Working In The Middle Of The Night

In my world, there’s nothing worse than sleeping without air conditioning. I have to sleep with the cool air running or I won’t sleep as well. If I’m visiting someone or not able to control the thermostat settings, then I always sleep with an overhead fan running or I bring my own portable fan. The […]

I’m Glad I Got The Warranty For My New HVAC System

Two years ago, I was told that it was time to replace my HVAC system. It was over 10 years old and it wasn’t running efficiently anymore. I was paying a fortune in repairs every month. For several weeks, I contemplated getting the warranty for my new HVAC system. I’d never experienced any severe issues […]

I Found Him Replacing the Air Filter At Night

I let him replace the air filter because it seemed really important to him My husband deals with stress in a lot of odd ways. Sometimes, he gets really quiet and doesn’t say much for a few days. Other times, he tinkers with an old car in the garage that he swears will be up […]

Terrible air quality hit my area

I am having a rough time with the terrible air quality that my local section has been hit with lately. I find myself not able to sleep because I am regularly waking up coughing and my nose runs. It is like having a real terrible flu without easily being sick! It is easily horrible and […]