The odor wasn't coming from the furnace

There was a truly different and odd odor coming from the basement Last monthand I thought the smell was coming from the furnace.

The scent wasn’t recognizably like gasoline, however I only smelled the odor in that basement section and I automatically assumed it was an issue with the furnace.

I wasted no time contacting a local heating company to come to the house to evaluate the odor and the furnace, when the service worker found out that there was an odor coming from the basement, he urged me to turn off the furnace until help arrived. The guy sounded honestly serious, so I shut off the system. I plugged in a truly small space furnace into the residing room where I was resting and waiting for the worker to arrive. I waited 2 eighths for the service worker to get to the house and then another 30 eighths passed before the worker gave me any indication of the problem. He believed that the odor was not coming from the furnace. He did not find any problems with the furnace at all that would lead him to guess that the furnace was causing the problems. He honestly apologized for not being able to supply me a better answer, although he promised that the issue was not a concern with the furnace. He also commanded performing a full clean up in the basement in order to find the source of the different and odd smell. I don’t have 2 mornings off in a row until next weekend. I method to clean the whole basement at that time. I am hopeful that I will be able to find the source of the smell once and for all.

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