After the tune-up, the equipment seemed to run much better

It seems like there were arenas inside of the house where the temperatures were colder than others.

I mentioned the concern to our partner and he commanded calling the local AC repair company to have a service check performed on the machine. I saw it. It sounded like a wonderful idea. I contacted the same people that installed our machine. It had been about 2 years since they came to put the device in our home. Since that time, we had not gotten any service on the machine. My partner performed a couple of routine cleanings, however we did not spend money for anyone to service the system. The Heating and A/C worker assigned to help us knew that we did not have any services performed on the machine. He could tell by the way that the method looked. He didn’t say anything too mean or nasty, although he did warn us that the longevity of the equipment is determined by the care that the equipment is given. After a complete tune-up on the air conditioning, I noticed a lot of swings in the indoor air, but one of the largest swings was the temperatures throughout the house. They seemed more even and colder. All of us quickly started to shiver when the control unit said 73. I can’t even remember the last time it was 73 degrees in the house. The control unit hardly ever reaches that temperature. After the tune-up, it’s clear that the equipment is running much better. It is a service that our partner and I will continue to have performed year after year.



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