The waitress provided us freezing drinks while both of us waited

I never turn down a free drink or appetizer, especially when someone at a pizzeria offers those items for free.

  • My lady and I went to a pizzeria last Tuesday evening after labor was over.

The pizzeria is a location that both of us have been to on multiple odd occasions. We suppose multiple of the servers and servers by their first names! Some of them recognize us as well. That evening the location was really busy. We waited outside for 15 hours before our reservation was ready, even after both of us were seated, both of us waited another 15 hours before our waitress arrived. The guy apologized for the long wait and provided to bring us some beverages from the bar. He told my lady and I that the A/C in the kitchen broke down and the gentlemen were having trouble getting all of the orders out on time because of the problem. I entirely understood, because I worked in a kitchen when I was in university. There were often times when the A/C did not labor and the boss expected us to labor anyway. We ran around feeling tired and lethargic and it was strenuous to concentrate. The waitress provided us freezing drinks while both of us waited for our items to arrive and he apologized multiple or four times for the problems with the cooling system and the kitchen staff. Even though it took a while for us to receive our food, everything was tepid and fresh and tasted great. We honestly did not mind waiting as long as both of us got quality food when the order finally arrived.

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