I wanted to fix the problems, but my hubby wanted to replace the system

My husband and I got an estimate for a brand new Central HVAC system.

We had some problems with the AC and the repair estimate to fix the problem was almost $1,200.

My hubby wanted to replace the system entirely, so we got an estimate for the new machine. The price difference was significant. I wanted to replace the parts and save thousands of dollars, but my hubby decided it was best to replace the system. About a month after we had the new Central HVAC system installed, my husband went out of town on a business trip. He was gone for several days. During that time, there was an issue with the heat pump. It was the first time we had to use the heat pump That season and it did not work. No heat came out of the air vents. I was annoyed and aggravated and the kids were whining and crying because it was cold inside of the house. I called my husband at work and I started complaining about his decision to replace the entire system. He contacted the repair service from the office and they send a service technician out to help with the problem. I felt a little foolish when I realized that I never switched the settings on the thermostat from AC to heat. The whole time I blamed the problem on the service technicians, my husband, and the manufacturer of the heat pump. The whole time it was actually my fault. The service technician did not make me feel bad, but I could tell he wanted to laugh.

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