The insurance company made me jump through hoops

A couple of months after my wife and I bought our house, we had to contact the insurance company with a claim.

There was a massive tropical storm in the area and a tree fell in the backyard and took out the HVAC unit.

It was crushed like an accordion. The damage to the heating and cooling system was severe. We got an estimate from the dealership for a new machine. At that time, the dealership told us that we should contact the insurance company. They believed that the damages would be covered under our claim due to the fact that the tropical storm affected our entire county. With a severe weather emergency declared in the state, the insurance company should have been forced to pay for the new HVAC equipment. My wife and I had to jump through hoops to get the company to cover our loss. They wanted paperwork from the local weather service as well as paperwork from the mayor of the city. They wanted separate quotes from several different company providers and proof that I didn’t cause the damage before the storm began. It took three months before they paid for the claim. Thank goodness I had enough money to pay for the new machine without the insurance company, because 3 months would have been a very long time to wait for the insurance company to buy a new one. I would have gone most of the summer and half of the fall season without being able to use the climate control system. I wasn’t about to do that.

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