Not so thrilled about what the HVAC equipment worker said

I don’t have the desire to trust my HVAC equipment serviceman, even though I assume that I have no other option but to trust my HVAC equipment serviceman because I literally have no other option available to me. I like my HVAC serviceman, so I don’t want you to assume that I am willingly choosing to trust an HVAC serviceman that I assume is untrustworthy. I suppose that my main complication here is that I entirely don’t like what the HVAC equipment serviceman just told me, and it frustrates me that I am in such a terrible place right now. I thought that everything was going to be alright with my central cooling equipment. I knew that my central cooling equipment was getting older, but the central cooling system had been running relatively well for so long that I never considered what would actually happen if my central cooling equipment stopped working completely. I figured that I could at least get more years out of the central cooling equipment before I needed to consider replacing it. I had only just recently begun saving money for a future purchase… However, while I was in that process, my central cooling equipment quit working. It was no crucial deal though because I called the HVAC equipment serviceman, and the HVAC serviceman was able to repair my central cooling equipment rather abruptly without any major worries. However, a few weeks later, my central cooling equipment broke down again! The upcoming year, I had even more problems with my central cooling equipment, and I began getting nervous. I didn’t want to ask my HVAC serviceman because I was honestly scared that I already knew the answer, even though I had no choice. When I asked the HVAC equipment serviceman, he confirmed that it was time to replace my central cooling equipment, and should I entirely take his word for it? What if I am not a fan of what he’s saying?

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