Pets add allergies to indoor air

Furry friends make the best home companions! Then fur plus dander, on the other hand, can aggravate dust sensitivity symptoms while also affecting heating in addition to air conditioning systems… Then the correct cleaning plus vacuuming of your intake vents can help keep these undesirable elements out, but there are other, better ways to maintain high-quality indoor air plus keep your heating plus cooling system in top shape… Routine bathing plus grooming are necessary to keep your pets clean plus comfortable.

This will reduce the amount of fur, hair, plus dander that will be dispersed throughout your home… However, don’t forget to keep them comfortable as well, and be sure to factor in the comfort of your pets when programming your thermostat for the hours you’re away. Replace your heating in addition to the air conditioning filter regularly. Filters in heating in addition to air conditioning systems catch pet dander plus fur, as well as other contaminants! As a result, they become dirty over time, which decreases airflow plus compromises indoor air conditions! When this issue is addressed right away, it can help prevent early system failures that require immediate heating plus a/c repair, but check your air filter biweekly plus clean or update it as necessary… If you have multiple pets, you should do this every 30 days; however, purchase an air cleaner to ease some of the strain on your heating in addition to air conditioning air filters… However, look for a single with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that can detach up to 99% of pet dander from the indoor air. As well as preventing flu symptoms plus respiratory ailments, it also removes other airborne pollutants like your average dust, pollen, plus mold.


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