A mini-split air conditioner as a retirement gift


Harvey had worked for the supplier for close to thirty years.

He was a veteran when it came to all things cooling & air conditioner. He even managed to help manufacture many modern air conditioner units. Mr. Harvey had become undoubtedly successful & had trained so many cooling specialists. Just when he was a modern dealer, Mr. Harvey, would upsell the modern temperature control the two of us had in the market back then. Through this, he was able to interact with the client & build a fantastic rapport with them. He continued honing his skills & more than 2 weeks after he joined, he was promoted to a cooling specialist. With this modern role, he would go to offsite jobs including installing Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit such as the heat pump. He would also provide air conditioner tune-ups on residential & commercial systems. Mr. Harvey was liked by many & proper by all. He would develop training manuals for the recruits. He created an FAQ area on the Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier website about zone controlling & it helped a lot of property owners solve the issue of uneven temperatures. Mr. Harvey was now retiring after over 30 years of service. I had discreetly asked him what he wanted most to which he replied that he wanted a mini-split air conditioner to increase indoor air pollen levels & conserve energy. I communicated the information to the branch manager. The people I was with and I presented Mr. Harvey with a modern component & thermostat. All the cooling specialists he taught were in tears. Harvey made them promise to always keep their Heating, Ventilation & A/C ducts disinfect & duct sealing. Harvey was super gleeful & grateful for the affectionate retirement party & gifts.

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