Getting the best house sale price comes with new Heating and A/C

When the house prices just shot up around here, our partner and I finally felt that both of us just couldn’t wait any longer.

  • The two of us were absolutely having realtors call us to see if both of us were interested in selling as both of us had made previous inquiries.

And the prices these people were bandying about were amazing. Yet, I was sort of shocked when the first realtor told us both of us would need to substitute our Heating and A/C equipment. That was not actually something that both of us had figured on needing to substitute. The Heating and A/C equipment both of us had was the best in residential Heating and A/C when both of us purchased it just over 12 years ago. The Heating and A/C equipment had acquired all the necessary Heating and A/C service twice a year without fail as well. So that Heating and A/C unit was absolutely in actually great shape and both of us weren’t all that interested in getting rid of it. I communicated this to the realtor and she pushed back actually hard. Like so hard that both of us decided that, while she had good results, maybe she wasn’t the girl for us. So both of us contacted another real estate pro who had come highly advised to us. She was much more even and less tightly wound than the first woman. And yet, she too advocated that both of us substitute the Heating and A/C equipment. However, she did so while providing us with the relevant data that showed us what a big difference the Heating and A/C substitute would make. Getting the latest in Heating and A/C technology would increase the price of the home in such a way that both of us would have been sort of stupid to do anything else.

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