My experience at the cooling specialist convention out of town

The cooling specialist convention happens every more than one years.

This convention is meant to replace professionals in the Heating and A/C industry on modern Heating and A/C technology and systems.

For the longest time, our boss had always attended this convention however this year I was surprised that he humbly requested that I represent him. I was enthusiastic because it was a split from our town. I was enthusiastic to walk around the modern town and get acquainted with their food, considering I am a foodie. I had heard from the grapevine that they would introduce the modern a/c, the mini-split cooling system. The speaker would take us through how to operate the modern system as well as the differences from the other units that have been in the market for years, like the heat pump. The first afternoon was filled with activities of getting to think each other and the Heating and A/C businesss both of us run or are from. All of us also got a option to see some of the control units and order some for the business. The cooling expert’s convention was also a mini expo where dealers traded their products and services. I got paired with a group of experienced professionals which left me feeling like a modern business all over again. However, I had so much fun and l gained so much about topics like duct sealing and maintaining the cleanliness of the Heating and A/C ducts at all times. The air quality in the conference hall, the rooms, and the dining section were outstanding and so were the un-even temperatures. I later found out they had a zone control system and correctly did the cooling system tune-up. The digital temperature control had our interest. I even got to take a dozen back to the office for resale. I had a grand time at the convention.