Taking care of the Heating and A/C unit that takes care of me

When I was growing up, both of us didn’t have a whole lot however both of us also never went without whatever both of us needed.

Our lives were quite easy and I still give thanks that our parents chose to raise us this way.

I’m sure they took a lot of heat from some of their peers. The two of us lived absolutely simply and that was often looked down upon. Like our home didn’t have up-to-date Heating and A/C technology at all. The two of us had an awesome wood stove that inspected all the heating both of us would ever need. And both of us lived on 50 something acres so there was plenty of firewood to keep that heating going. As for a/c, both of us had the cool breezes and fans when it got hot in the summer. But you know, I never gave it any thought. I appreciated the way I was raised and it’s rubbed off on me in a myriad of ways. The house I own with our partner does have residential Heating and A/C and I care about the quality heating and air it provides. However, much care about our parents, I’m always absolutely keen to take care of whatever takes care of me. And the Heating and A/C unit is actually no exception to that. Along with seasonal Heating and A/C service gave by our Heating and A/C repair plan, I have responsibilities of our own. The most important of which is making sure the Heating and A/C air filter is changed once per month. Just keeping a disinfect air filter helps the Heating and A/C equipment be both efficient and not labor too much. That allows for greater longevity from the Heating and A/C equipment.


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