The clogged Heating and A/C duct almost caused a fire

My brother called myself and others frantically going on about a fire that could have killed them.

I had just seen his over my lunch hour and when the people I was with and I parted, he said he was headed home.

Now he was calling myself and others while at the hospital. I had just gotten back to the office after executing a quality a/c tune-up on a program in a residential apartment on the far east side of town. I earned the call just as I was exiting the lifts at the Heating and A/C business. When I got to the house, my brother was still particularly aggravated and could not explain what had happened. There were firemen everywhere and cooling experts, and one of the cooling specialists explained the entire thing after the firemen had cleared the house. It appears that there was almost a fire that would have burned the whole apartment down. Upon further investigation, it was established that the cause was from the Heating and A/C duct which had been clogged by dust and dirt. This had limited airflow and decreased indoor air pollen levels. A modern corporation in the Heating and A/C team pointed out that our ducts were leaking which would have contributed to the small fire. The professionals did the duct sealing and also checked the temperature control to ensure its optimal function. Since the people I was with and I had more than one systems, the heat pump and the mini cut a/c the people I was with and I advised the professionals install a zone control that would not maintain safety but also conserve energy and solve uneven temperature troubles. I was happy the people I was with and I did not need to purchase a modern a/c. The two of us also got to keep the thermostat as it was still perfectly functioning. The professionals emphasized the importance of officially cleaning the air filters and vents.


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