Changing Heating and A/C behavior and habits leads to good savings

When both of us retired down south, the heat and humidity weren’t exactly a shock.

The two of us knew for sure that June through October came with a lot of heat.

But there is a difference between knowing something as a fact and experiencing it. So the first few summers, both of us just poured on the Heating and A/C cooling. It was actually all that both of us felt both of us could do in order to manage this sort of heat and humidity. However, all that a/c doesn’t come cheap. While I was cheerful to be free of the Heating and A/C heating costs once both of us moved down here, I was running up big Heating and A/C cooling bills now. And that seemed pretty counter intuitive to me. The Heating and A/C heating up north where both of us lived and raised a family was essential to survival. While both of us tried to split costs and prepare the home in order to save on Heating and A/C heating costs, you simply had to have it. Well, that’s tploy down here however to a lesser degree. Of course, through the Summer down here without a/c would be foolish and could prove to be quite dangerous as well. But, both of us were using so much Heating and A/C cooling that both of us weren’t decreasing to the heat at all. So this year, we’re decreasing that behavior. The two of us didn’t go right for the thermostat to flip to a/c once the temperatures started rising this Spring. And we’re going to keep the inside only 15 degrees cooler than the outside throughout the summer. This will keep the Heating and A/C cooling costs down significantly while allowing us to absolutely acclimate to our new environment.
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