The solution to uneven temperatures in your condo or business

With many years of experience as a cooling specialist under our belt, there are problems that property owners experience that are similar to most buyers.

One of such problems is the uneven temperature on your property. My grandad’s home had the same issue. He found that the rooms on the first floor apart from the powder room were colder than the rooms on the ground floor. He thought it was the way the home was built & never thought of consulting a cooling expert. It got so terrible last Springtime that he resorted to staying on the first floor as it’s cooler. One time when I went to visit, he told me about the issue he was facing & I called the local Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier to schedule an air conditioner tune-up. Grandad had recently updated his heat pump with a modern a/c. It was a modern contractor who did the replacement of the modern mini split air conditioner & had not further commanded grandad of how to solve the issue with uneven temperatures when he mentioned it. The workers came the following morning & first, they took care of the duct sealing & also took care of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C ducts for any blockage. The professional then proceeded to install the zone control system that split the home into more than 2 zones controlled by many thermostats. The zones are attached to a central system that is controlled by another main temperature control. Once the modern system was installed, the uneven temperature issue was resolved & the indoor air pollen levels was ran tests on. Grandad was undoubtedly ecstatic with the outcome & at least now he would at least access all the corners of his home knowing he can just adjust the temperature to suit him.

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