Events of a day in the life of a modern corporation

I also fixed the thermostat affixed to the zone control

Before joining the local Heating and A/C business I was working for a privately owned business as a cooling specialist intern. I later got a job at a local corporation. My first day as a modern corporation was particularly eventful. The day started with a meeting with my employer, he gave myself and others the working gear I would need to attend to the job assigned. He also took myself and others through all the protocols I am required to follow on the job. Afterward, he assigned jobs to the 3 available teams of cooling experts. The first job my team and I went for was to run a comprehensive a/c tune-up on a fairly modern air conditioner unit. The process was seamless and I remember being advised to disinfect up the labor section after the people I was with and I were done as this section of the job was for the newbies. As the people I was with and I were leaving, the people I was with and I earned another job order from the office. Fortunately, the order was in a residence a few blocks away. The customer wanted us to upgrade a heat pump with a modern mini cut a/c. I had never absolutely participated in an install before. I was particularly keen and even got to install the temperature control, then just prefer the previous time, I also cleaned our working area. The two of us went back to the office after that job order was done. I felt super welcome when I discovered that the people I was with and I were all getting lunch on the corporation’s tab, however later that day, the people I was with and I made the choice to go next door to a tour and travel office to increase the indoor air pollen levels. This time, I did the duct sealing and Heating and A/C duct cleaning by myself. I also fixed the thermostat affixed to the zone control. At the end of the day, I was super weary but satisfied.


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