It wasn’t fun when the power went out as well as the gas furnace quit laboring

I never absolutely expected that we would have our gas furnace quit laboring on us in the middle of the winter, but it happened to us this past winter.

It wasn’t any fault of our own because we always kept up with usual Heating and A/C maintenance as well as tune-ups.

The gas furnace was properly taken care of… Unluckyly, we l acquired that somebody in the section slammed into a powerline pole knocking it over as well as causing the power to go out in our area! Since the power was off, the gas gas furnace was unable to light up since it uses power for the igniters. In a case love that, it would have been preferable to have a gas gas furnace that used a pilot light, but nope, we didn’t have that, then fortunately, we do have a fireplace as well as so we immediately got a bunch of firewood together as well as got a fire started in the fireplace. The people I was with and I kept that fireplace roaring the whole time the power was out. I was so thankful when the power finally came on early in the morning as the professionals were able to get the power back online. It was kind of a horrifying situation, but it would have been so much worse if we didn’t have a fireplace, then after that bad experience, I decided to have a backup generator installed in the house so that we never go so long separate from power again in the future. I’m also thinking about having solar panels installed in the near future, so that we have additional security when it comes to having power to our home.


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