Got through some cold nights with HVAC heating

I’m still waiting for the day that I can return home to the south and all that air conditioning. I swear that when that happens, I’ll never complain about the heat and the need for a lot of HVAC cooling. Initially, we moved up here on a five year commitment for my wife’s job. I’m in IT and work remotely so I really didn’t have much ammunition when it came to trying to not move north. Plus, I really want my wife to succeed in what she loves to do. That’s really important to me and so I’ve done my best to get accustomed to living in the north with all this HVAC heating. However, my wife’s parents don’t live far from where we are and that is also a factor. As they age, it doesn’t look as though they are as willing to leave behind the gas furnace for the heat pumps down south. That was the plan. My wife wanted them to retire to be close to us so she could look after them. But that seems less and less likely. So that five year commitment came and went. I spoke up about it and we had a conversation. However, I knew when I was having it that we’d be staying inside the HVAC heating from the gas furnace indefinitely. I think it’s going to take one or both of my wife’s parents to pass before we’ll ever be heading back to the HVAC cooling that I miss. Yet, I will say that I’m so very thankful when it comes to having a great gas furnace that has kept me warm in a region that is known for deep cold.

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