HVAC maintenance is just so important

I’m very much a live and let live sort of guy.

The idea that I have it all wired and everybody else needs to follow me is not even in my head.

For one, I’m really just a simple guy who’s doing his best to get along in this world. However, there are a few things I’ve learned that seem to be really important. I know it’s not exactly earth shaking but HVAC maintenance is one of those really important things. I’m sort of a preventive maintenance sort of guy anyway. But the HVAC equipment in my home is just so essential to the heating and cooling comfort of my family that it goes right to the top of essentials. I have buddies of mine who tend to believe that HVAC maintenance is nothing but a waste of money. Of course this belief is fueled by their wishes not to spend money for quality heating and air. Plus, it’s just an outdated and wrong argument. I hear some of these guys say that all HVAC equipment is built so tough that they don’t need seasonal maintenance from HVAC professionals. However, that is clearly not what the data reflects however. Fact is, the heating and cooling equipment that gets regular HVAC maintenance lasts about 7 years longer than those that don’t get HVAC maintenance. Then throw in all the times they have to call for HVAC repair and the picture gets even more clear when it comes to the importance of HVAC maintenance. I’ve had my HVAC unit for going on 20 years. Every fall and every spring there is an HVAC maintenance appointment. And so far, I’ve never had to call for any sort of HVAC repair.


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