I’m so not an HVAC professional so why did I try an HVAC repair

When I came home early on a Friday super eager to start the weekend, I was not anticipating there would be no HVAC cooling in my home.

But that’s exactly what I found. I walked in and it was immediately apparent that the air conditioning wasn’t working. However, the HVAC equipment was running. And it seemed as though it was running just like it always did. There were no weird sounds or anything like that. The only thing that was way off was the inside temperature on the thermostat. Perhaps the fact that the HVAC unit was actually running is what made me decide that maybe I was the one to fix the situation. Somehow, my brain told me that I could find the answer on the internet. So I started looking and quickly convinced myself that all I needed was a recharge kit. Of course, I have zero training when it comes to HVAC so making a diagnosis was truly a shot in the dark. But having seen some videos online, I was just sure that I could figure it all out. Yet, that’s not at all what happened. I tried to do the recharge thing and it all ended up blowing up in my face. The refrigerant level wasn’t the problem at all. So I ended up rupturing the compressor and some other stuff. Finally, I called the HVAC company. It took a few hours and a lot of money to fix the situation. Had I called the HVAC professionals from the beginning, it would have been a ten minute fix and cost me just about nothing.


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