Installing a new air conditioner in my plant shop

After trying out a couple of office jobs, I finally realized that office work is not for me.

I have always been fascinated by plants and so after carrying out the required research, I decided to open a plant shop.

My dad graciously assisted with the capital which boosted my start. I had seedlings, seeds, and growing plants. On the first day at the shop, I sold almost all the seedlings. The more I researched about plants and how to care for them the more information and insight I got into providing an environment with high indoor air quality. I realized that I needed a new air conditioning system to keep the plants fresh, especially during summer. I consulted a cooling expert from the HVAC business downtown who recommended the mini split air conditioner. It was a bit pricey but was said to be very energy efficient and could cool certain parts of the shop including the seedling room. The cooling specialist would handle the installation. For the temperature control, I opted for a programmable thermostat. With this device, I can program the desired temperature even if I am not in the shop. To centrally control the different zones within the shop, the professional installed a zone control system complete with HVAC ducts. With the presence of vents, the professionals did the duct sealing to conserve energy and keep the cool air within the shop. A new contractor in the team of technicians shared a schedule of air conditioner tune-up that would see the unit functioning optimally for a long time, just like the heat pump I have at home. It has been six months and my plants are fairing on excellently.


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